Competition Results 

2021 - 2022

Tremaine Dance Convention & Competition (Houston, TX)
Category Placements

1st Place Junior Lyrical Solo: Not OK (Aubrey De La Cruz)

1st Place Junior Ballet Solo: Don Quixote Act III Cupid Variation (Vianay Ruiz)

2nd Place Junior Musical Theatre Solo: Popular (Lucia Ruiz)

3rd Place Junior Lyrical Solo: Pure Imagination (Alegria Jilpas "Baby")

4th Place Junior Open Solo: Creep (Victoria Deleon)

1st Place Teen Ballet Solo: Don Quixote Act III Kitri Variation (Ana Alanis)

1st Place Senior Tap Solo: Venus (Gabriela Salinas)

2nd Place Senior Hip Hop Solo: Tantrum (Sharlene Joaquin)

4th Place Senior Jazz Solo: Circus (Daniela Padron)

1st Place Junior Lyrical Group: Are We There Yet?

1st Place Junior Jazz Group: Showstoppers

1st Place Junior Jazz Line: Sax

2nd Place Teen Hip Hop Duet/Trio: Lose Control

1st Place Teen Jazz Group: I Don't Speak German

3rd Place Teen Contemporary: My Way

1st Place Senior Jazz Duet/Trio: Papi

3rd Place Senior Lyrical Group: Dive in the Water

Overall Awards:

Not OK (Aubrey De La Cruz) - 5th Overall Junior Solo

Are We There Yet? - Junior Group Overall High Score

Sax - Junior Line Overall High Score

Best Showmanship:

Lose Control - Teen Duet/Trio Best Showmanship

I Don't Speak German - Teen Group Best Showmanship

Papi - Senior Duet/Trio Best Showmanship

Scholarship Finalist:
Litza Salinas (Senior)
Jasmine Perez (Senior)



24 Seven Dance (San Antonio, TX)
Overall Awards:
6th Overall Sidekick Solo: Into The Unknown (Lucia Ruiz)

6th Overall Sidekick Solo: Bright (Yaneli Ruiz)

7th Overall Sidekick Solo: Not OK (Aubrey De La Cruz)


Tremaine Dance Convention & Competition (Dallas, TX)
Category Placements:

2nd Place Junior Open Solo: Swan Transformation (Joy-Elise Hernandez)

3rd Place Junior Open Solo: It's In His Kiss (Danna Rocha)

4th Place Junior Jazz Solo: Look What You Made Me Do (Alegria Jilpas "Baby")

1st Place Senior Open Solo: Papa Can You Hear Me? (Litza Salinas)

Scholarship Finalist:

Litza Salinas (Senior)








Legacy Dance Championship (San Antonio, TX)
Overall Placements/Judges Awards:

1st Overall Mini Competitive Solo: Look What You Made Me Do (Alegria Jilpas "Baby") | Platinum - Sass 4 Days Award

5th Overall Mini Competitive Solo: Into the Unknown (Lucia Ruiz) | Elite Gold

2nd Overall Petite Intermediate Solo: Let's Get Loud (Emma Reyes) | Platinum

9th Overall Petite Intermediate Solo: Bang Dem Sticks (Vianay Ruiz) | Elite Gold

1st Overall Petite Advanced Solo: The Seeker (Danna Rocha) | Platinum - Commanding Presence Award

2nd Overall Petite Advanced Solo: Swan Transformation (Joy Hernandez) | Platinum

6th Overall Junior Intermediate Solo: Creep (Victoria Deleon) |  Platinum - Emotional Intensity Award

2nd Overall Junior Advanced Solo: Not OK (Aubrey De La Cruz | Platinum - Lighter than Air Award

5th Overall Teen Intermediate Solo: Bound to You (Daniela Padron) | Platinum - You Told The Story Award

7th Overall Teen Intermediate Solo: Don Quixote Act III Kitri Variation (Ana Alanis) | Platinum 

1st Overall Teen Advanced Solo: Papa, Can You Hear Me? (Litza Salinas) | Platinum Emotional Execution Award

5th Overall Teen Advanced Solo: Tantrum (Sharlene Joaquin) | Elite Gold

1st Overall Senior Intermediate Solo: Venus (Gabriela Salinas) | Platinum - Feet on Fire Award 

1st Overall Petite Intermediate Small Group: Are We There Yet? | Platinum - Commitment Award

1st Overall Petite Intermediate Large Group: Candy Hearts | Platinum - #FULLOUT Award

1st Overall Junior Intermediate Small Group: Showstoppers | Platinum

1st Overall Teen Advanced Small Group: Hero | Platinum - Lovely Lines Award

4th Overall Teen Advanced Small Group: I Dont Speak German | Platinum - Simply Fierce Award


Adjudicated Placements/Judges Awards:

Paquita Variation (Danna Rocha) - Platinum

Circus (Daniela Padron) - Platinum

Giselle Act I Variation (Litza Salinas) - Platinum

Cure for You (Gabriela Salinas) - Platinum

Bright (Yaneli Ruiz) - Elite Gold

Don Quixote Act III Cupid Variation (Vianay Ruiz) - Elite Gold

Variation from Graduation Ball (Joy Hernandez) - Elite Gold | Light as a Feather Award

Iron Cross (Aubrey De La Cruz) - Elite Gold

Zombie (Teressa Macias) - Elite Gold

I Cant Help Falling in Love (Ana Alanis) - Elite Gold

Power (Miranda Cantu) - Elite Gold

Title Winners:

Miss Mini Legacy - Alegria Jilpas " Baby" (Look What You Made Me Do)

Miss Petite Legacy - Danna Rocha (The Seeker)

Miss Teem Legacy - Litza Salinas (Papa, Can You Hear Me?)

Title Runner Ups:

Miss Petite Legacy 1st Runner Up - Joy Hernandez (Swan Transformation)

Miss Junior Legacy 1st Runner Up - Aubrey De La Cruz (Not OK)

Legacy Showdown of Legends Invitation:

Litza Salinas


Scholarship Finalist:

Litza Salinas (The Hollywood Summer Tour)

Studio Awards:

Sportsmanship Award - Paloma Limas & Company




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